About Us

About Amanda


NewMoon Shilohs began with a true passion for the shiloh breed.

I grew up with German Shepherds,  but due to the changes I was witnessing in the breeding programs I decided to take a break from owning them. It wasn’t until I attended the 2010 Reading Pet Expo, that I found the breed that would change my life forever.

My family and I saw a Shepherd that was similar in appearance to a German Shepherd but much larger and with a much more level headed demeanor. We talked to the owner to find out what her magnificent pup was, and my love for the Shiloh Shepherd breed began!

After experiencing what owning a shiloh was really like and meeting Christi Yonavick, who I consider a great mentor and friend, I knew my path in life was with these magnificent dogs. I acquired Nova 11 months after Luna with the hopes of her being my first breeding female. Then a little less than two years later Kyro$ came into the picture as my first potential stud.

My passion and drive to improve the breed and educate others about them has grown exponentially since first getting involved with shilohs. I go to as many LERs and shows as possible to keep up on who is producing what and to stay in touch with the shiloh community. I am always willing to talk about the breed with others regardless of if they plan to get a dog from me or not!

My main goal is to help the Shiloh breed as a whole go in a positive direction. I only want to produce the best dogs and provided them with the best homes.